What You Need to Know to Write Seo Content with Ai

What You Need to Know to Write Seo Content with Ai?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise that many content creators are leveraging the benefits of AI writing. AI content creation is one of the most common and talked about trends in SEO that is about to become a mainstream part of SEO. AI is about to change SEO practices with its content creation capabilities. However, everything it creates be it a blog post, guest post or webpage content is something that you cannot just rely on. This content creation with AI has its pros and cons. This new trend has its challenges. So, how you can integrate AI in your content creation, let’s find out.

How To Use AI For SEO Content Creation?


If you aren’t using AI for your SEO content creation then you are missing out on some major benefits. However using AI can be challenging as even after 2 years, not many of us understand how to use it for content creation. When using AI You Should:

AI For SEO Content Creation

Be Cautious When Using AI

Using AI can offer you some huge benefits without a doubt. The benefits.  Writing SEO content is a time-consuming task. However, AI tools are speeding up the process. Creating large amounts of content 12x faster with AI. Whether you have to write a catchy blog post title, heading ideas, engaging introductions, or even a full blog post, AI can do it effortlessly. And let’s not forget the AI image creation. Creating relevant images for your content has become a breeze. 


On the other hand content optimization with AI can help you to edit and optimize the written content by comparing the gaps, structure, and grammar can enhance the quality of the produced content. Also, with the help of content audits with AI, you can effortlessly conduct audits with AI. Identifying your areas of improvement is easier.  With AI by your side, the possibilities for content creation are limitless.


But What is the output from AI that matters a lot? Right now, google’s AI content guideline is natural. There aren’t any specific rules for AI-produced content but the quality of the content. Google is clear that the content should be written to help the users. It should provide what users are looking for. The website with AI content will not be penalized but ranking can be questioned regarding this. So Be cautious about the quality of the content not only for the ranking but for the reputation in the eyes of search engines as well.

Double Fact Check Before Posting AI Content

One of the best things about AI is that it can write you what you want but not as good as you might believe without human effort. This is the reason why human researchers are important to write the content with AI. 

Here’s our take on using AI responsibly:


  • One of the very first things you should do is to check the accuracy of the written content. If you are having doubts, ask AI to provide you with the proof, some AI writers can even site the results into the written content that you can use to prove that you have authentic content in your hand. Don’t just take AI’s word for it. Verify with a quick search to ensure everything checks out.


  • The next thing to do is to polish up any paragraphs that you aren’t sure about so you will end up having clear communication. Create short and to-the-point sentences for better ideas.


  • Consistency is key. Remove any unnecessary words or concepts to keep your message to the point without dragging it. And don’t forget to stay true to your brand’s tone of voice throughout.


  • When it comes to structure, you should create some personality in your writing. Adding personal opinion or a sprinkle of humor can keep things engaging.


  • If you can, take the help of the experts on the original matter. They can help you understand if AI has provided authentic information. They will help you to make sure that all your statements and suggestions are on point.


  • Keyword optimization is the key to ranking in search engines.  Make sure your content aligns with search intent to maximize its impact.


Remember that AI may seem magic at first but it won’t fix anything immediately. Having a successful SEO strategy requires human effort combined with AI. So it is better to keep making your efforts even after using AI.

Talking/Chatting With AI Like You Do With Real Human

Now this is something that every content should learn while creating content using AI. Those starting for the first time may believe that they get the desired content with the first attempt. This is a misconception that everyone should know about. So what should you do? Instead of just creating a forward prompt of ‘Write a 500-word blog post for the topic” try to go into little detail. For starters, you should:

  • Set A Backdrop

AI can write significantly better if you provide context. Relevant writing is much easier if you provide some background regarding what you are writing about. The clearer the picture you paint, the more tailored the response will be. Think of it like the stage. The better the stage is, the better the performance will be.

  • Refinement of Inquiry

Sometimes it can be your prompt that isn’t coming up with the right results. If the response isn’t meeting your expectations then you should take another look at your query and reframe it with further details and instructions. This is much about explaining a concept to someone unfamiliar with the topic by adjusting your language to ensure clarity.

  • Patience And Persistence

Though you will want to obtain the desired results immediately with AI keep in mind that it is a rare probability. You have to be patient and stay persistent. Just as in human conversation, building rapport and understanding takes time.

  • Fostering Dialogue

Rather than viewing each interaction as a standalone query, consider it a step in an ongoing conversation. With time and continued engagement, you’ll develop a better understanding of how to effectively communicate with AI.

  • Aim for Balance

Just as in real conversations, effective communication with AI involves finding a balance. Through practice and refinement, you’ll hone your ability to convey information and elicit meaningful responses.

Chatting With AI Like You Do With Real Human

Hybrid Approach Is The Key


Yes AI can write unique and original content for you but what you don’t know is the optimization. We all know that content should be optimized with the targeted keywords so it can rank better and effectively. However, the problem is that AI tools like ChatGPT cannot provide you with real-time data regarding keywords, search intent, search volumes, and other SEO elements. So combining manual efforts with AI can help you outperform your AI content creation strategy. Some particular AI content creation tools allow you to check the competitor’s data while writing. They will use this data to write optimized content that will certainly be helpful in ranking. 


Such tools will integrate the targeted keywords into your content and help you create articles based on the analysis of your organic rivals. AI can also be helpful in other aspects of content optimization such as:


  • Keyword clustering and mapping them for the content.
  • Analyze your written content for keyword optimization and compare it to the targeted page.
  • Brainstorming the content idea around your targeted keywords.
  • Help you understand if the content is optimized for the targeted keyword, questions, and requirements.

Get Creative When Using AI


As a final point, AI is capable of much more than just creating content for your website. Embrace its out-of-the-box possibilities and keep an open mind. Aside from brainstorming creative campaign ideas, AI can also help marketers analyze data, optimize customer journeys, write cold outreach emails, and more. This allows every individual and team to be more productive.

Creative When Using AI


For instance, AI can help you:


  • Identifying Gaps in SEO Strategy

Ai can perfectly analyze your current SEO strategy performance. It can even perform thorough keyword research to identify any missed keywords or where you are lacking in your SEO strategy. It can provide insights into competitor strategies to help you fill those gaps.


  • Realigning and Optimizing Keywords

AI can suggest relevant keywords based on search trends with the help of Utilizing natural language processing (NLP). The keywords are according to the user intent, and semantic relationships within your content will help your content to realign with search engine algorithms. It can also analyze keyword performance and recommend adjustments for better optimization.


  • Optimizing Titles for Organic CTR

With the help of predictive analytics, AI can suggest and test different title options that will attract clicks and search engine results based on factors like click-through rate (CTR), relevance, and emotional appeal.

  • Running On-Page SEO Edits

AI-powered SEO tools can perform a complete audit of your website’s on-page elements. These include meta tags, headings, image alt text, and content structure. They can also suggest what should be optimized to improve overall SEO performance.

  • Identifying Missing Topics on Key Pages

Through content analysis and topic modeling, AI can identify gaps in your existing content by comparing it to related topics that your audience is interested in. It can then suggest additional topics to cover on key pages to enhance relevance and depth.

  • Finding Interlinking Opportunities

AI can analyze your website’s content structure and recommend relevant internal linking opportunities based on semantic relationships between pages, user navigation patterns, and SEO best practices.


For the additional creative use cases:

  • Understanding Audience Interest

By analyzing search queries, social media interactions, and browsing behavior, AI can help you understand why your audience would be interested in specific content topics, allowing you to tailor your messaging accordingly.

  • Content Recommendations

AI can suggest relevant topics, formats, and angles based on keyword research, trending topics, and audience preferences to ensure your content resonates with your target audience.

  • Comparison Tables

Using structured data and information retrieval techniques, AI can generate comparison tables comparing different products, services, or features based on specified criteria.

  • Graphics and Media Suggestions

AI can recommend the types of graphics, images, videos, or interactive elements to include in your content based on visual trends, engagement metrics, and audience preferences to enhance user experience and engagement.


Conclusion: AI is Good But Human Effort Is Crucial

AI may seem like a threat to humans on so many levels which is understandable. However, a balanced approach in a work environment is important to get good results. When it comes to content creation, relying solely on AI isn’t a good idea and it is possible to be flagged by search engines because of the low-quality repetitive content. So, using AI with human inputs and effort combined is the best way to create content with AI. You just need to make sure to don’t use AI to create content without a road map. Hope you will have got the idea regarding the content creation with AI, let us know what you think of AI content creation so far!

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