Lets Understand How to Use ChatGPT for SEO?

Lets Understand How to Use ChatGPT for SEO?

Ever since the ChatGPT made its debut it created a lot of buzz. Everyone was surprised to see how AI is revolutionizing how content creation used to be. There were discussions regarding whether this is the end! But it was proved that it wasn’t, it was the beginning of the new era. AI was about to change the world forever. After that, there was a whole new era where people started to adopt AI tools for their jobs stating that it has made several jobs, especially content creation, much easier. 


The same goes for SEO. While there was a debate, about whether or not Google accepted the AI-based SEO tactics, experts started to use AI with SEO. If you are wondering how you should use AI in SEO to improve your SEO best practices.


Essential Preparations for SEO with ChatGPT


Before you get to work on the ChatGPT for SEO, know that content is indubitably one of the most critical aspects in terms of search engine optimization. To use the ChatGPT for SEO-driven content creation, you need to think like a digital marketer’s mindset and grab these three crucial aspects of great content marketing that work well with SEO.


First of all, in-depth research into what your target audience needs, likes, dislikes, and pain points is crucial to identify the most suitable topics.


Second, making your content educational instead of blatantly promotional is essential. Aim at providing useful information that answers concerns or solves problems, which is the 80/20 rule for a balanced approach.


Finally, the optimization of your content with appropriate keywords and phrases wisely used in titles, headings as well as meta descriptions is necessary for improving search engine visibility.


Having laid the foundation with these basic principles, ChatGPT can be used as an SEO tool in content outlining and creativity. Instead of depending on it solely as a content generator, use its features to improve your SEO strategy.

Using ChatGPT for SEO


Here is our guide to using the ChatGPT for SEO. 

– Creating the right ChatGPT prompts

ChatGPT has too much to offer but it all depends on how you extract them. With good guidance and detail through prompts, you can get the best results for your SEO.


For ChatGPT to generate a useful response, your prompt should contain enough information. It is advantageous to provide as much information as possible to tailor your response to your specific needs. ChatGPT allows you to drill down further on specific topics to continue the conversation. The ChatGPT prompts can be adjusted until you get the level of information and data you need.

– Creating a Content Strategy

When you want to grow your website then having a solid content strategy is crucial. This includes the formation of topic clusters and ordered lists of relevant topics to be covered in blog posts. Each topic must target common search queries while ensuring that the content is unique. The importance of avoiding keyword cannibalization cannot be overemphasized; this is where several pages compete for the same keywords and risk affecting your SEO. Here comes ChatGPT – the ideal tool for creating a broad and unique list of content ideas.


Just ask ChatGPT to “create a list of SEO Service topics” and discover numerous ideas that you might not have otherwise thought about. Take it further by asking the chatbot to semantically or topical content type, for example “blog posts” and ” step-by-step guides”. This process helps you plan release dates of new content as well as coordinate social media posts while making an effective review. Utilizing ChatGPT improves your capacity to find and arrange one-of-a-kind content thoughts, making an important addition to the powerful substance methodology.

– Content Creation with ChatGPT

Content is king because every blog or website’s ranking is heavily affected by the quality of the content. Using ChatGPT for your content creation journey is not a reliance but rather an integration of the tool. Although it can’t implement your whole content strategy, it is still useful in some areas.

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First, ChatGPT is good at producing content outlines and briefs. Though not advised as the only creator, it is an excellent lead for research. Include your competitor analysis and research, using tools like Semrush Topic Research and Outline Builder to build on ChatGPT recommendations.


Specific prompts, on the other hand, produce better results when creating a content outline. For instance, ask ChatGPT to “generate a content outline for the SEO strategies for a small business blog post” and it will suggest suitable subheadings. Moreover, you can adjust your prompts to mention the word count requirements, number of headings, and overall style of an article.


ChatGPT can also help create basic content briefs by specifying the target audience and tone of voice. On the other hand, it is important to conduct independent research to ensure validity and relevance.


Although ChatGPT provides quick preliminary drafts, it should not be used to outsource all the content writing work. Content generated is often repetitive, keyword-rich, and unoriginal which may clash with the guidelines of E-A-T recommended by Google (Experience, Expertise, Authority & Trust).


Although Google has embraced AI-generated content, thorough reviewing, fact-checking and editing are essential to fulfill the necessary quality standards. A possible application of AI-generated content is writing an ‘About Us’ section or non-ranking materials that could be subsequently adjusted to match the company voice.


When facing tone difficulties, ChatGPT helps rewrite content to the specified level of formality or informality. Nevertheless, it must not be used as a basis for the content creation; rather, it is an improvement and customization tool.


Whenever AI-generated content is used, it is essential to review, fact-check, and edit it. The use of ChatGPT in your writing process can yield both effective and authentic results, particularly when it comes to eliminating writer’s block and increasing resonance with your target audience. Use plagiarism detection tools like Plagiarism Checker to authenticate and maintain your content’s integrity.

Conclusion on ChatGPT For SEO


So here is our guide regarding the usage of ChatGPT for SEO. Undoubtedly ChatGPT is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to enhance your SEO efforts. However, you will need to keep in mind that it is still unmatched by your personal efforts. You can use it to speed up your SEO process from keyword creation to content creation. Do not forget to testify the facts and details offered by the ChatGPT so your AI efforts will still be authentic. You can guide chatGPT to get the best results. All facts and statistics should be current and relevant when proofreading ChatGPT work. As ChatGPT uses outdated data (it only records data from before September 2021), it often provides inaccurate information.

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