The Alamo Landscaping

Bergen County, New Jersey

Boosting Online Visibility for The Alamo Landscaping in New Jersey

A Brief Introduction to The Alamo Landscaping

The Alamo Landscaping didn’t have the online visibility and presence that it deserved even with so many years of service and a significant portfolio of completed projects. It was facing the problem of lacking a digital presence which was hindering its online growth and limiting its access to a broader audience. It was also facing the challenges of low organic traffic earlier. It collaborated with Your SEO Genius and its online presence and visibility have been improving ever since. In Bergen County, New Jersey, The Alamo Landscaping has now become one of the most premium names that has been serving the surrounding areas for 75 years.

Initial Assessment: SEO Audit and On-Page Optimization

Our project started with a complete SEO audit. In the audit, we identified the issues with the on-page SEO that were causing major hurdles in its online presence. The Major issues that we found and rectified in the audit were:

Technical SEO: We worked on resolving crawl errors and improved the overall site health by 95%. By fixing the technical errors the site speed was improved, the crawlability went from 39% to 100%, the site performance rocked from 40% to 97%, internal linking from 38% to 96%, schema markup 100%, and optimized URL structures.

On-Page SEO:

Though The Alamo Landscaping has already a wide range of keywords for each of its service pages since there weren’t any positive results we conducted keyword research to identify high-impact keywords relevant to landscaping services. Afterward, we strategically integrate them into meta tags, headers, and content to make good search engine visibility.

As pr the given image Alamo Landscaping On page optimization is increased upto 98%. You can check the on page optimization score  by SEO reviewtools is used to check the on page optimization of the websites

Content Optimization:

The existing content wasn’t doing any favor to them and we didn’t find it SEO-friendly and keyword-rich. People wanted to hire an all-in-one landscaping service and they have already been providing their services. However, the existing content was too weak and somewhat incomplete with nothing to offer its potential visitors. So we decided to rewrite the existing content that was well optimized with the latest keyword we searched to align with target keywords, ensuring it is engaging and informative.

Speed Optimization:

Though the business was facing the visibility issue the major problem was its website which had some serious slow page loading issues.  Now the webpages are loading at a much faster speed and it increased its accessibility upto 95% and the overall performance score of website speed is increased significantly upto 91%.


On-Page SEO Challenges and Solutions:

There were standard on-page optimization issues that we worked on. However, several other common on-page issues were identified and addressed.
Duplicate Content

Several pages had little to no different content. The content similarity can easily kill your search engine ranking. We Implemented canonical tags and restructured content to eliminate duplicate content issues.

Image Optimization

They didn't have the right images that show their work to their visitors and what they had already on their webpage was not optimized for image SEO. With the help of image compression and adding alt text for better performance and accessibility.

Mobile Responsiveness

People around Bergen County, New Jersey are more likely to visit their webpage from mobile devices. We made sure that the website was fully responsive across devices to improve user experience and search engine rankings.

Off-Page SEO Strategy Building High-Quality Backlinks

Our goal was to strengthen The Alamo Landscaping's online authority, so a comprehensive off-page SEO strategy was implemented:

Guest Posting:

We started to create and submit high-quality guest posts to authoritative websites in the landscaping and home improvement niche. This helped us to get some high-quality backlinks for the site. backlinks for the site.

Local Citations:

Businesses leveraging the local citations and enhancing their exposure. This is a major part of our offline strategy and we took advantage of local listing as well. By listing the business accurately on local directories, we boosted its visibility in Bergen County. 

Social Bookmarking/Signals:

With the help of social media platforms we promoted the content and engaged with the local community.


The implementation of a comprehensive SEO strategy yielded significant results for The Alamo Landscaping:

Improved Search Rankings:

Targeted keywords saw a notable increase in rankings, leading to enhanced visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Increased Organic Traffic:

With the help of the optimized website and strategic backlinking, there was a significant improvement in organic traffic.

Increased Business in Bergen County:

Now our client is enjoying improved online visibility. This helped The Alamo Landscaping to gain huge local traffic, and local clients and strengthen its position as a preferred landscaping service in Bergen County, New Jersey. Google My Business is growing on a monthly basis. Getting 128+ customer interactions in the last 3 months.

GMB Ranking in Local Market:

With our best SEO practices implementations now our client has the best exposure in its local market more than ever. Ever since we implemented our strategies for local business, it has been ranked in the top 10  results of GMB listings and SERP ranking. 

This heat map clearly shows how and where in NJ The Alamo Landscaping is ranking locally. Now The Alamo Landscaping is celebrating the success that it deserves for being in the business for more than 4 decades. 

 Wrapping Up

In this case study, you can see that the collaboration between Your SEO Genius and The Alamo Landscaping transformed how it used to be. With our holistic SEO approach, we transformed the business forever. We worked on fixing the on-page errors and implemented off-page SEO strategies not only the client eliminate the visibility challenges but witness a visible growth in business within the local market.