7 SEO Trends To Keep An Eye On 2024

7 SEO Trends To Keep An Eye On 2024

SEO has now changed quite a lot in recent years. With the advancement in AI and generative searches, Google’s main focus has now turned towards the user-centric, advanced technical and ethical approach. On the other hand, the rise in video content and Google’s support for quality ide content has also become a major part of SEO. The use of AI in SEO is becoming more prevalent these days such as:


  • The rise of AI and machine learning in search engines helps search engines better understand user intent and provide more relevant results. 


  • ChatGPT kind of AI is converting the SEO towards a conversational approach


  • The rise of EEAT content Google, prioritized by Google to provide more quality, authentic, and relevant content to eliminate the AI-written content that doesn’t provide any value to the user.  


This blog post will further discuss the top 7 trends you should watch in 2024. Just continue reading the following for a better idea.

Enhanced AI Integration

AI has become too advanced and making things convenient for users these days. It has become a significant part of the modern workflow for SEO and marketing. AI has become a major part of creating content to manage content alongside other aspects of SEO. Take the image generation AI for instance, that took a huge leap in generating more enhanced, realistic, and upscaled images. This is one of those tools that can improve the SEO experience. 


According to recent surveys, marketers want their organizations to use automation more frequently with AI to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer’s requirements. While AI tools like image generators and other tools have become more sophisticated, the real winners would be those who will seamlessly integrate into their workflows. 


This isn’t about embracing AI but it is much about creating a meaningful narrative that aligns with the users and Google’s ever-evolving algorithms. In 2024, we will not only embrace AI in SEO workflow but make it more humanized. It should be assured that every innovation adds genuine value to both marketers and consumers alike.

Enhanced AI Integration

EEAT Focused Content (More Than Ever)


While Google was always focusing on EEAT factors (Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust) of the content it crawled, the focus is now more than ever. With the advancement in free AI writing tools, especially ChatGPT, misleading and generic content creation got started more than ever which is why Google is more focused on the quality of the content that isn’t just aimed to write for humans and not just for pure backlink creation.  

  • Presenting EEAT in Content Creation


EEAT is all about referring to the credibility and knowledge of the source. With the focus on the EEAT by Google, the web pages that cite their experience and knowledge in their niche along with the authenticity of the content will rank higher in the search engine. Just like the articles written by landscapers or tile experts will rank higher for the landscaper’s SEO or tiles SEO.


According to our research, we believe that the following is the way to demonstrate the EEAT to Google.


  • When posting content, make sure to prove that there are real people behind the website content creation. You can include case studies and highlight original feedback and testimonials for more authenticity.
  • Make sure the content you are about to post doesn’t have grammatical errors, typos, and misinformation, and link to more authentic sources.
  • Always post detailed information regarding the topic to add value to your content.

EEAT Focused Content (More Than Ever)

Answer Engine Optimization


Though chat bits and search engines are helping the user to provide answers, the fact is users cannot understand somewhat technical terminologies by professionals or in the field. This is where the answer engines come in handy. Answer Engine Optimization (AEO) would be a key factor in shaping your SEO strategy while creating content. You will need to create your content accordingly. AEO is all about optimizing content for answer engines. They are usually AI-powered technologies that filter the available information for the users searching with conversational queries.


Websites focusing on creating content that appears alongside or on the top of the traditional search engines will be ranked better. This means creating clear, concise and type of content that is easy to digest by the AI and machine learning algorithms and easy to cite would be preferred. What you will need to do is to create a clear and creative Q&A-style format in your content creation. You can even do it by creating a FAQ section within your content.


You optimize your content more AE friendly like:


  • Structuring the content according to the structuring content according to the common questions or inquiries related to your targeted topics.


  • Applying schema markup so search engines will understand the context and content of your page. 


  • Using conversational keywords and phrases that users might use in conversational scenarios.

This approach is perfact for future SEO content creation for websites that will probably rank higher with optimized content for voice searches and the users opting for direct searches.

Voice search optimization

User’s behavior toward the search engine has changed a lot. Now they don’t type their queries but use AI assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google’s assistants to search what they are looking for. This will be a huge trend in SEO for 2024. Don’t overlook its importance as it can impact your website’s visibility and ranking in search engines.


This also means that your website should be optimized for voice search. You should focus on using conversational language in your website content creation by understanding how people post their questions. You can also go for the relevant longtail keywords in the content and for the website. Focus on providing complete yet concise answers to the search terms. 

Voice search optimization

Video And Image Optimization

Competition on search engines has increased more than ever and the same goes for keywords. With the saturation of the keyword results, websites featuring different types of content will rank better in search engines. Different kinds of content are now being considered and impacting search engine ranking. Instead of relying on just written content, you will need to have specifically optimized images and videos as well to rank better. It is another trend that you will need to look for in 2024.

Optimizing Images For SEO:

  • Use HTML’s Image tags for enhanced crawling


  • Focus on responsive design for Images for versatile device compatibility


  • Utilize Proper Image Formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, SVG, BMP


  • Opt for Descriptive File Names, Alt Text, and Titles for Improved Accessibility

Optimizing Videos For SEO

While optimizing images for SEO is relatively simple it’s the video content that should be optimized for better SEO results. Video content on your website is a great way to provide valuable information to users. To optimize the video content you should:


  • Use of appropriate descriptions and titles that help the users to find what they are looking for.


  • Make sure your video is relevant to your written content.


  • You should also use subtitles for people with hearing issues. This will provide search engines with the information or you can include a video transcript.


Personalized, User-Focused Content


You have probably heard this trend over and over and yet it will rule in 2024 once again. Creating content that isn’t just for backlinks and crawling but for users will be crucial. Even the latest updates from Google have shown that Google is prioritizing user-driven content that is created to meet the search intent of the users. 


Apart from trends, the content you are about to post on your website don’t you think should bring value and useful information to the user?  


Content creation, understanding and meeting user’s search intent will always be loved by Google or any search engine so ranking such content will help your website to rank better. If you want to level up your content creation game then you can answer the user’s search intent right from the start of your content.

Refreshing Existing Content 

As the competition is becoming fierce and content is being posted rapidly, having updated and refreshed content is crucial for businesses. This is another great way to maintain the SERP’s ranking. As the content is being posted rapidly, the life of the content is heavily affected. You never know if what you posted yesterday is relevant today or not. This is why refreshing content would be a major trend in 2024. 


Refreshing content isn’t just about refreshing information and stat updates but making sure that it aligns with the latest search engine updates as well. You will need to opt for the strategy where you can strategize to update your content policy to make sure your content stays relevant longer with the rapid content policy, 

Bottom Line: Is SEO still worth it in 2024?


Absolutely yes. It is paramount for businesses to stay visible in search engines with better ranking and increased exposure. It is one of those SEO services that is here to stay. Though the process will evolve and change over time the fact remains the same it will not fade. However, you will need to stay updated with consistent algorithm updates and ever-changing user behaviors to not only stay relevant but have better search engine rankings. Browse our other blog entries to learn more about SEO strategies.

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